FAQ: a concert during the World Cup!

on June 13, 2014
Sonar presents: iSing, Three MDB & Sonar, 16 June 2014, Polanentheater Amsterdam!

Sonar presents: iSing, Three MDB & Sonar, 16 June 2014, Polanentheater Amsterdam!

This Monday, Three MDB is participating in a concert with vocal groups iSing en Sonar, and we’re looking forward to it a *lot*. It’s gonna be great. A great event! At the same time, there seems to be another event happening elsewhere on the globe, and we get questions about that. We’d better put a FAQ together then..

How can you do that. A concert during the cup?
Because we can. Hey, real life goes on during these weeks!

Okay, but a concert during a game? What were you thinking?
Well. Iran-Nigeria. You call that a game? We’re also fan of the beautiful game, but come on…!

But Germany plays Portugal that evening as well…!
Sure, and it’s always a joy to see Ronaldo win/lose (*depending on your preference). Der Mannschaft will kick off at six. But it’s the first group game so the chances of extension are nil (and penalty kicks may occur of course, depending on how curruptible the ref, but during the game. not after).
So the 22 will wrap it up just in time to enjoy our great concert at 20.30!

Ok, with you so far. Will you then shut up when Ghana plays the US at midnight?
That’s entirely up to you! If you’re satisfied with no more than half an hour of encores, it should be fine.

I don’t like football. But I do like the summer. Why would I want to sit inside a theatre when the weather’s like this?
You don’t have to! The theatre has a lovely inner courtyard to relax until 20.30. You’ll be happy to cool off inside after that!

Sounds great then. Are there still tickets available?
 Yes, there are. Hence this FAQ. Reserve them via the Polanentheater reservation form !

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